What is fascism?


In other words, a group of people deciding that their ideas, political, economic, or religious, are the only way to be, and will use force to silence those that oppose them.

It is interesting to note that the definition includes “often of a right wing nature.” Right wing in the United States is anarchy, not centralized government. Right wing in Europe, however, is strong, centralized, socialist government.

Today is the March for Life. What’s interesting to me is the vehemence those I’ve talked to about this issue stand on the idea that all guns should be banned. That more than 6 bullets shouldn’t be allowed. One pull of the trigger equals one bullet.

The problem is that guns are intended for self defense. And the Second Amendment was intended for self defense FROM THE GOVERNMENT. It is there to keep us from becoming a fascistic state. Fascism leads to genocide. An armed populace prevents that.

To those that want to ban guns, you are heading down the wrong road. You are going to make it easier for this country to fall under the influence and command of a dictator. This is the road to turning the US into the next Nazi Germany. Be warned, you’re going the wrong way.

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