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Just the thoughts, dreams, and aspirations from the world's only me. Lessons learned, and things hoped to learn as I go through this life.

I get told on a pretty regular basis that my business must be doing well because people hear about it all the time, whether on the radio, online, or when talking to friends. I’ve been building this business for 8 and a half years to get it to this point. If you were to ask […]

If there are no guns, wouldn’t the people who are bent on killing others find a way to make it happen?

So a few months ago I was trying to find information on upset stomachs in children, and possible cures. I went to Web MD or Mayo Clinic or something like that, and saw a link to a page that talked about getting rid of heartburn or acid reflux at night. Well… I had to follow […]

It must be absolutely exhausting living in fear, thinking you have no control over your life…