Welcome to the mind of Me!

Just the thoughts, dreams, and aspirations from the world's only me. Lessons learned, and things hoped to learn as I go through this life.

It’s been 2 months now since I last listened to a political show- or really seen anything political. But I did see today that Bernie Sanders is running for president. Again. Really? Is that the best the Democrats can come up with? I’ll give him this- at least he’s honest about who he is. He’s […]

My wife and I like to improve things- we are constantly working to change things and make them better. We have become pros at tearing our houses apart, to put them back together in a better, more beautiful (hopefully) and useful way. Our last house was a small 2 bedroom, 1 bath house. We turned […]

When I was in fifth grade, I met a boy named Jason. At least, I think that was his name. It’s been 30 years, so I don’t really remember. Anyway, Jason was a little older than I was, was bigger, taller, and better looking. He also had one other thing I admired: hermit crabs. 3 […]

Last night we were out delivering some Christmas treats to some of our neighbors, as we do every year. Kind of a family tradition, really. We (by we I mean my wife) makes candy and then we plate it up and take it around. We always enjoy it, and it is a great time to […]

I’ve been thinking a lot about goals and plans for 2019 for the last couple of months. I’ve already talked a little about growth goals for my business, though there are a lot of things I didn’t discuss, such as setting budgets for those goals. In my personal life, I wanted to set some goals […]