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Just the thoughts, dreams, and aspirations from the world\'s only me. Lessons learned, and things hoped to learn as I go through this life.

I get told on a pretty regular basis that my business must be doing well because people hear about it all the time, whether on the radio, online, or when talking to friends. I’ve been building this business for 8 and a half years to get it to this point. If you were to ask […]

It must be absolutely exhausting living in fear, thinking you have no control over your life…

I’m in the process of hiring right now, and looking for the right person to join the team is… well, difficult. Finding applicants, let alone quality applicants, is a challenge, and there is so much left unsaid in a resume… As I was reading through resumes just now, I was asking myself what I would […]

One of the great things about being a “D” personality, expressing anger and frustration comes easy to me. Unfortunately, it is also hard for others, who aren’t “D’s,” to understand me when I’m having a great discussion. When I feel I’m having a good talk, I can get excited, which often comes across as a […]

Having chickens, we’ve had some funny eggs, but this one is the best so far! Its most likely caused by a lack of calcium in the chicken’s diet, but maybe it just didn’t have enough time to garden inside the chicken…

With all the talk about immigration right now, I want to throw my 2 cents into the pile. While many might not agree that I am an immigrant (seeing as I was born to parents both born in the United States) and that I, too, was born in the United States (yes, to those on […]

I went to see the Greatest Showman again last night, and enjoyed it the second time, almost as much as I did the first time. Now, if you don’t like musicals, you probably wouldn’t enjoy this movie, but since I do, I really liked it. The music is upbeat, inspirational, and well-timed. I thought the […]