Ski day!

Annalese and I had a fun adventure today, and went downhill skiing for the first time.

She had the opportunity to go with some of the other kids from her school, and through a twist of fate I was able to go up with her, too.

We went to Bogus Basin, which is about an hour north of Boise. We had a huge snow yesterday, so there was plenty of it, and the sun was shining. It really was a perfect day to go skiing.

We got a lesson from Taylor, who was very patient with the group, and then she took us up the lift. As Annalese and I got off, we both promptly fell. Falling in ski boots is no fun, though by the end of the day I for to be quite the expert at getting back up.

We went down the hill several times and by the end we both were actually doing pretty well. Well, at least we didn’t fall the last several runs.

I grew up cross country skiing, and was never really able to go downhill. Los Alamos has its own ski hill, and most of my friends skied, but we never did. And as I got older, I shied away from it, always staying I didn’t like it because I felt it of control when downhill skiing.

But once I learned how to do it, it really was quite enjoyable, and even though I’m sore and tired, I’m looking forward to or next trip!

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