Curing Heartburn (at night, anyway)

So a few months ago I was trying to find information on upset stomachs in children, and possible cures. I went to Web MD or Mayo Clinic or something like that, and saw a link to a page that talked about getting rid of heartburn or acid reflux at night. Well… I had to follow the link.

Some things that stood out to me: don’t eat fatty foods (ugh..), don’t drink too much soda (umm…) and sleep on your left side. Well, I knew about the first two, but that last one? I normally sleep on my right side, this might be something to think about!

Normally I go through a thing of antacids in a couple weeks, but I tried sleeping on my left. Though it was hard at first, it really has seemed to work. Now, I still have to cut back on the soda (and probably the fatty stuff), but at least I’m cutting out the antacids. Feels great, thought I’d let everyone else know about it, too!

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