Remembering Moving to Boise

Tonight we had dinner guests- our neighbors from the first house we lived in when we moved to Boise, Larry and Toni. It was good to have them over, and we enjoyed a great dinner and some games afterwards. As they were leaving, we talked a little about orchids and keeping them alive and blooming. As it is cold and snowy outside, it reminded me of moving up to Boise.

We left Vegas at the end of February, and when we left, it was 85 degrees outside, a beautiful, perfect day. We drove through the center of Nevada, because it is a couple hours faster than going through Salt Lake, and we wanted to hurry and get up here.

Unfortunately, we hit a snow storm outside Elko, NV, and because our truck’s defroster didn’t work, we were forced to stop for the night at a hotel. It was quite the sight to see- we had our garage freezer packed with food, our luggage, and orchids in the bed of the truck, thankfully covered with tarps, and Chelsea, Annalese, and I crammed into the front bench seat of our Dodge Ram truck. We were doing our best to wipe the frost off the interior of the windshield, and clean the snow and ice off the outside while driving in the middle of the night, tryin to get to Boise.

It took us about an hour and a half to decide it was a smarter idea to stop and rest for the night, so we did. We found a little place in Elko, stopped, and got everyone inside. Then I spent the next few minutes trying to get the orchids into the hotel room so they could stay warm, too.

No real lesson there, but I just remembered it tonight, and how hard it was to drive through that storm. We got to Boise safely the next day, and were able to get started moving into the house once the truck (we used ABF to move all our stuff, and the trailer arrived later that afternoon) showed up.

It snowed a few inches the couple of days that we unloaded the trailer, and while this wasn’t pleasant, the snow melted off by 6 each night, and we thought “ok, we can handle this.” And we are grateful for that first experience with winter, because the rest since then haven’t been so mild…

Oh well, fun memories.

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