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Who would have thought that one day I’d have a house that it was more fun to light up the backyard than the front yard? #golfcourseliving #christmaslights #lighttheworld

Ah, the holidays! This is what we in the carpet cleaning world call “busy season.” And it is! We have been running full steam for the last several weeks, and that is a great feeling. It does come with some stresses though. On Wednesday, one of my technicians sent me some pictures and was really […]

In addition to being incredibly busy the last few weeks, I’ve been feeling under attack from persons unknown. It started a few weeks ago, when, out of the blue, I got a call from… myself. Not knowing what was going on, I answered the call, and was told that my phone account was suspended, and […]

This morning on the way to school we got stopped by an army of ducks… and yes, the line continued on beyond both sides of the picture…