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I don’t want too much read into this post, but I’m wondering right now if leveraging oneself is a bad thing. The specific question: “is it bad to pull equity out of a property in order to have a better down payment on a new property?” This could be a home, a rental property, or […]

I get told on a pretty regular basis that my business must be doing well because people hear about it all the time, whether on the radio, online, or when talking to friends. I’ve been building this business for 8 and a half years to get it to this point. If you were to ask […]

Tonight we had dinner guests- our neighbors from the first house we lived in when we moved to Boise, Larry and Toni. It was good to have them over, and we enjoyed a great dinner and some games afterwards. As they were leaving, we talked a little about orchids and keeping them alive and blooming. […]