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If there are no guns, wouldn’t the people who are bent on killing others find a way to make it happen?

So a few months ago I was trying to find information on upset stomachs in children, and possible cures. I went to Web MD or Mayo Clinic or something like that, and saw a link to a page that talked about getting rid of heartburn or acid reflux at night. Well… I had to follow […]

It must be absolutely exhausting living in fear, thinking you have no control over your life…

I’m in the process of hiring right now, and looking for the right person to join the team is… well, difficult. Finding applicants, let alone quality applicants, is a challenge, and there is so much left unsaid in a resume… As I was reading through resumes just now, I was asking myself what I would […]

One of the great things about being a “D” personality, expressing anger and frustration comes easy to me. Unfortunately, it is also hard for others, who aren’t “D’s,” to understand me when I’m having a great discussion. When I feel I’m having a good talk, I can get excited, which often comes across as a […]